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Inbound Marketing: Generating Interest in Your Business

Inbound Marketing: The Latest Tactic to Generate Interest in Your Business

Inbound Marketing, Digital MarketingThere are several advantages that inbound marketing has over outbound marketing strategies: cost, exposure, and the ability to target specific demographics to get a variety of people to visit you online. Outbound marketing techniques consist of cold-calling, advertisements in offline publications, and mass mailings. In comparison, inbound marketing will allow you to use digital marketing, reducing costs and the hassle of print publications and mass mailings.

Learning how to utilize inbound marketing does not have to be overwhelming. There are a variety of resources that can help you get started by providing guidance and tips for successful application of this method of marketing. If you are interested in getting started with inbound marketing, here are some of the latest tactics to consider using: 


Once a blog has been added to your site, you will want to add premium, original content that has relevant keywords associated with your main topics of expertise. It is recommended to publish blogs two or three times a week, or daily, if you so choose. These types of articles educate your readers and help them to trust your brand.

Social Networking

It is also best to add profiles to the major social networking sites; for example, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Integrate your social networking activities with your blog by adding social networking buttons so that your readers can publish your content on their profiles too. This will attract visitors to your site from your ideal customer demographic and brings them back to the original article on your website blog.

Creative Online Advertising

Your blog can also be where you let your readers know about new products and services or special offers by embedding links in the content. However, if someone visits an offer on your site, they may not immediately make a purchase. Consequently, you can use other types of digital marketing techniques such as, ad re-targeting to follow a customer when they leave your site. Ad re-targeting sends a cookie that tracks the activity of the potential customer around the web and produces another ad for the same offer whether they are on Facebook or another site. This provides a gentle reminder and a link back to your website to take advantage of the offer.

Digital marketing can be enhanced with automation to maintain it without much human intervention. This makes this type of marketing far less costly and time-consuming than outbound marketing. It can also target your ideal client and helps to drive traffic back to your website offers.

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