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Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2019

web designOne of the constants when it comes to web design trends is that they are always evolving. While the trends from year to year may seem similar, there is always a twist or a change to keep things fresh and exciting. Digital marketing is constantly entering unknown territory, so this should come as no surprise. Here are some of the trends you will see heading into 2019. Many of them should be simple enough to integrate into your current site.


Video in the Background

Video is becoming the ultimate engagement content. Platforms that emphasize video, such as Instagram, generate much higher levels of engagement than others. You don’t want to be left behind. Your site should not only have great video content, but it should also be well-integrated into the site. Having a video in the background as part of your web design will attract attention and get users focused on what you want them to read.

Chat Boxes

As humans spend more and more of our time online, we are making fewer phone calls. This is the same when it comes to searching for goods and services. We want immediate answers without having to pick up our phones and dial someone. Chat boxes, or chatbots, can help solve that problem. They can automatically engage a user and answer their questions in real time. Chatbots can also collect data that you can use for your digital marketing strategies. Pretty soon, chatbots will be expected on all e-commerce pages.

More Speed

It’s well documented that if a page takes too long to load, then a user will leave within three seconds. Your site needs to be up to speed, so to speak. In July, Google unleashed a speed update which has helped improve speeds for sites that have taken advantage. Speed will continue to be a prime factor that will drive engagement and conversions.

Flat Web Design

Because the need for speed and mobile performance is so great, a more minimalist feel was a trend in 2018. This is going to continue into 2019 with flatter web design. This means emptier spaces on your page. The key will be providing content that will attract the eye without overloading the senses. This means using bold and bright colors, and video. If you want a little bit of texture, you can play around with shadows and minor details that can add some pop to your page.

Micro-Animationsdigital marketing

Micro-animations are already very popular, but that will only continue to grow. These include elements such as drop-down menus, hover buttons, and other tools that will guide the user’s experience. Micro-animations are the little details that can be a part of your design and digital marketing strategy that will help engage potential customers.

Be Bold

Bold typography is having a push in popularity in a big way. We live in a world where it is harder and harder to stand out, so bold typography can help do that. Nowadays there are bold fonts that will fit any brand or style. It just takes some experimentation to get it right.

When it comes to web design, you cannot ignore the details. In order to keep your customers engaged with your brand, your website should be as functional and modern as possible. Try out some of these trends to see how your site can benefit from the boost.

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