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5 Awesome Web Design San Antonio Clever Tips

The internet is the most impressive marketing tool there has ever been. Having a well designed website is necessary for a business to thrive. Design is largely subjective, but functionality and Search Engine Optimization San Antonio performance can really put your web presence ahead. People judge the credibility of a website by the quality of it’s design, and this directly translates into conversion levels and bounce rate.

Web Design San Antonio is one of the most crucial factors to the performance of a website and there are some great design tips to keep your website at the top of the heap.

  1. Too Many Options Can Overwhelm a Viewer

Too much information or too many choices can overwhelm a customer. Hick’s Law observes and states that when an individual has a large number of choices, their likelihood of choosing at all goes down. Too many choices can lower conversion rate. This translates to Web Design San Antonio when too many options are given in site navigation or too many calls to action are used.

Too many menu items or sub-links can dilute focus and lead to a higher bounce rate with lower conversions. Streamlining helps pull focus where intended, directing viewers to the areas and results that are most valued.

  1. Less Is More For Visual Design

This is also important for visual design. Too many things standing out to look at on the page will make people less likely to draw their focus directly to where you want them to for the best chance of sticking around and engaging further. White space can be an excellent visual tool. Sometimes less is more.

Things like side bars may not be effective on your landing page. Sometimes single column information can be a more efficient means of navigation. There are design conventions of the time that people recognize quickly and it is wise to implement them.

  1. Slide Pages And Carousels Aren’t As Effective As People Hope They Are

These design features are frequently among the highest asked for features. The design of a slide page or a carousel or accordion page seem like they have an interesting appeal because they stand out visually. But some studies have shown that the number of viewers who continue past the first slide or layer are actually quite low. Sometimes new design elements take time to catch on and sometimes they never do, but for now, customers seem to not be quite ready for these options. People scan pages quickly, and any additional interaction asked for to consume information will lower the chance of engagement with that information.

  1. Scrolling Is Now For Web Design San Antonio

It is becoming increasingly more effective to prioritize scrolling over clicking. One long page of information that presents an entire website is becoming a popular design layout. The mobile-interface overtaking of the market has changed how people consume information. No matter the device a website is being viewed on, the ability to navigate anything in a clickless manner just feels more comfortable now and conversion rates agree.

  1. Use Direct Visual Cues

There are a few key visual tricks that can be used to direct attention. Colour contrasts and framing can play a big role, but one clever little trick is that people tend to look in the same direction as things in the ad. This even plays out positively for animals or anything that is vaguely personified. Directing attention can really pay off.

There are many Search Engine Optimization San Antonio methods that can be used to draw traffic, but once you do, conversion rates will largely depend on the quality of your Web Design San Antonio.

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