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Social Media Marketing

social media marketing


Social networking websites have given businesses the opportunity to personally connect with their clients like never before. Whether for product or service promotion, client feedback, strategic announcements, or community building — social media marketing can position your company ahead of the competition by giving you a branded, informational, personal, and interactive channel to your client base.


Creating a social gathering spot for your clients allows you to engage them in a less formal environment that is personally convenient for them. It’s an opportunity to build lasting relationships with the consumers that purchase your products and/or services and, over time, networking with clients in a social forum helps to build trust and confidence in your brand as well as strengthen customer loyalty.

An SEO San Antonio managed social media campaign will help build your brand, customer base and more. Our social media services have helped companies of all sizes, including Fortune 1000’s as well as Mom-n-Pop’s and Start-Up’s, with their ongoing social media marketing needs.
social media marketing


An SEO San Antonio social media campaign has an assigned social media expert to establish and brand your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), increase your followers and engage your clients. Your social media expert will work closely with your organization, study your competition, and be your point of contact — ensuring that your social campaigns are always focused on your business needs. Your expert will interact, comment, announce, tweet, retweet, friend, link to relevant articles, and build your social following. In other words, your expert will utilize social networking as it was intended as well as capitalizing on its vast marketing opportunities.

NO automated commenting. One of our keys to success is bucking the current trend of automated commenting — it is running rampant. There is nothing personal about tweets or comments that are pre-scripted and scheduled for placement at specific times throughout the day. Additionally, not many people are interested in following or friending a business that is not responsive, and simply (and blatantly) promotes itself with each and every comment or tweet. This type of automated behavior completely defeats the entire concept of ‘social networking’.

How many social accounts? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of social networking websites on the Internet. Certainly, it would be impossible to use all of them for social media marketing — we recommend utilizing only 2-4 social media accounts for any given business. While that number may seem small given the quantity of social websites that exist, it allows us to be focused on building your online reputation as well your following. Realistically, your business’ social marketing efforts will be much more effective within a focused and targeted group, rather than spread thin amongst dozens of unrelated social websites.

Call us at (210) 477-4004 or request a FREE consultation! We’ll be happy to create an affordable social media campaign that will get your business in the game and ahead of the competition.

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