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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising — The Immediate Gratification

Google AdWords is the perfect way to pull immediate traffic to a new website, a re-designed website or an old site that’s not ranking where you’d like it to be. Incite Digital Marketing excels in AdWords campaign strategies (aka – Pay Per Click Advertising), and can help you get the most out of this type of advertising. Not only that, but we are a certified partner of Google AdWords, which means that we are experts and fully approved by Google to create and manage your account, and to help you start succeeding.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a powerful advertising tool that you can use to promote your business online. Basically, you are bidding for online search terms to get your company ads to appear in Google search results under “Sponsored Listings”. These ads can also show up on certain websites as display ads, which further increases their outreach to certain audiences. Google has an algorithm that can match your ads to websites that your customers are most likely to visit by analyzing the text, links, and page structure of millions of web sites. So not only will you have spots in search results, but your ads will be seen by people who you would most want seeing them. This is the very definition of getting “bang for your buck”. As valuable as AdWords can be, however, it can also be tough to navigate for someone with little experience and if you are not careful, there will be no return. That’s where we come in.

How Does AdWords Work?

Google AdWords works by connecting people who want to purchase a certain product or service with those businesses who are selling that product or service. If you are selling sports equipment, then AdWords will put your ad in front of the eyes of people who are looking to buy sports equipment. This means you can find a willing and engaged audience almost immediately and not have to wait for the long term results from organic SEO.

In simple terms, to advertise with AdWords, you’ll need to bid on certain keywords to have your ad show up in the search query results for those words. Whenever someone clicks on your ad (sponsored link), you will pay a fee to Google based on your bid, hence “pay per click”. The more competitive the market, the more you’ll have to bid and make sure your overall campaign is optimized.

The best part about AdWords is that your ads will be on page 1 of Google rather quickly. Although, that means that you’ll have to make sure you convert those clicks to sales, otherwise you’ll start losing money. Which brings us to our next question…

Why Isn’t My AdWords Campaign Profitable?

There is so much that goes into creating an effective AdWords campaign. It isn’t as simple as creating an account and letting Google do all the work for you. There are challenges. For instance, you must do your keyword research to ensure you are bidding on the right keywords. Your ads must to be effective and grab the attention of your geographic target market to get visitors who are more likely to purchase your product. You don’t want to pay for clicks from people searching for football equipment in England, when they aren’t likely to buy your helmets and pads because they are soccer enthusiasts.

Many of Incite Digital Marketing’s clients have tried to create their own AdWords campaigns, only to find out that they were losing money hand over fist on clicks that weren’t converting. If you aren’t familiar with AdWords, or with marketing in general, it might be time to get a professional service to handle your campaign or to provide some training and insight.

To be successful in any marketing endeavor, the return on investment (ROI) is the most important factor. Your ad groups, keywords, and the ads themselves should be audited for their effectiveness. Even for campaigns that are successful overall, there may be certain aspects, such as keyword selection, that are losing you money. It usually doesn’t hurt to fine tune things to make your campaign even more efficient and profitable. The Google AdWords professionals at Incite Digital Marketing can manage every aspect of your campaign, and we won’t be working through trial and error. Through our vast experience, we know what works, and we can identify weaknesses in your campaigns and provide ways to strengthen them.

Get a Leg Up

The representatives at Google can provide some helpful advice, but remember Google is in this for the best interest of Google. With that being said, you should always start with goals in mind. These goals should be specific and measurable, so that you have a precise understanding of what is happening with your campaign. Plus, they suggest creating ads that are straightforward and to the point, and setting up your site so that it will maximize the number of conversions you get after those clicks that you’re paying for. This advice is all well and good, but for many newcomers to the game, the question then becomes: do I have time to do all that and can I afford it if I fail?

That’s where Incite Digital Marketing and Advertizing comes in. We will manage every aspect of your campaign. That includes researching keywords, where to place them, optimizing your site for conversions, tracking and measuring outcomes, and tweaking your campaign to maximize its effectiveness. We know the best techniques and strategies, and we can get them working for you, no matter what type or size of business you run.

Why Us?

Incite Digital Marketing & Advertizing is located in San Antonio, and we are the experts in Google AdWords management. Our team of specialists will help build your AdWords campaign from the ground up, making sure that every aspect is geared towards making your business profitable. Our professionals are AdWords Certified, which means they have spent hundreds of hours managing pay per click advertising campaigns for every type of business imaginable.

If you’ve found that AdWords hasn’t been working for you as well as you’d like, or perhaps you’d like to start your first campaign, give us a call at (210) 477-4004 or let us design your blueprint to success for free! We will start immediately to make sure that Pay Per Click pays off for you.

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