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Web Design: Do You Stand Out From Your Competition?

Web Design: Do You Stand Out From Your Competition?

Web DesignThe average consumer might click on a dozen or more websites each week. If they’re particularly savvy, they might click through 50 sites or more. Today’s consumers are intelligent about what they like and don’t like in each website. It’s this information that businesses covet. Your website should be someplace users want to visit and take action on. Your web design can shine above the others as you convert visitors into buyers.

Branding the Site

Consider your website as a blank canvas. Fill it with your branding through logos, colors, and fonts that are memorable. The concept behind this strategy is visual recognition. Ask yourself “Does my website stand out?” “Will my visitors remember me?” Customers don’t have to necessarily read the company name because the logo evokes positive thoughts about your product or service.

The site should be easy to navigate with popular items found quickly either on the home page or an easy to use menu system. By creating an intuitive, easy to navigate website, visitors will remain there because they can accomplish their goal of finding what they need. The ease of use ultimately leads to reputation marketing where you will get rave reviews.

Knowing Your Consumers’ Goals

As a business owner, you probably have lofty goals that involve certain product lines. This line of thinking, however, doesn’t always match those of your customers. Be aware of your most popular items. Customers might search for them daily.

Your web design strategy should put these items first. Add them to the landing page, including links for purchasing or further information. Asking your customers to deeply dive into your website just to find a simple product only causes them to look elsewhere for their needs.

Creating Infographics

Part of reputation marketing involves helping users navigate your website platform. Regardless of the business, you are in, your website should be a funnel platform that goes into more detail based on selections made.

A great way to visualize the funnel is through an infographic displaying the outcome of each action taken. It can be a step-by-step guide that includes your main product or service and takes you through the path of each selection. Gear it towards your main demographic, such as an audience in San Antonio, but also branch out for a more worldly view. Most people stop and stare at a visual aid as opposed to a block of text. Infographics can be shared across the Web as your site gains more traction with viewers.

Choosing Core Attributes During Web Designweb design, reputation marketing

Remember that your brand should have a memorable attribute associated with it. In fact, many companies have customized colors or fonts just for their brand recognition. Continue your reputation marketing by following this strategy. Companies like Coca-Cola and Nike have worldwide recognition based on colors, fonts, and logos. They stand out from the crowd and are memorable.

Simplifying the Contact Page

A design aspect that trips up many companies is the contact page. Burying it on a back page has been the style because companies want to highlight their products. Make purchases easier by adding contact information to each webpage as a call to action. Your customers can be on any page as they click on an email or phone number. Because there’s no hesitation with the contact information, your customers find themselves working closely with the company. As a result, they feel inclined to purchase an item in exchange.

When you need web design services in San Antonio, turn to Incite Digital’s expertise. From color and font choices to logo creation, your branding and content can be conceptualized into a viable website. Set your company apart from the others by partnering with some of the best minds in the virtual world.

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