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How Important Is Online Reputation Management for Your Business?

online reputation management

Reputation matters. In running a successful business, perception can mean everything. The way your business is thought of by existing and potential new customers will be one of the most key elements in determining your business’ performance. In today’s world of social media prevalence, word of mouth and social media exposure can be one of your greatest assets, but online reputation management is just as vital to making sure your San Antonio business is perceived well.

Social media is only one piece of the online world in marketing now. Third-party review sites and blog posts are a very popular way of obtaining information on a business and a competent reputation marketing strategy is now a crucial part of promoting and managing a company.

Social media and the internet at large make brand visibility easier than ever. This also means that brand image, good or bad, is now pushed to the front of importance in how that visibility works for you.

Frequently Monitor Your Online Reputation

Online reviews, social media interactions, and blog posts and references, can be constant throughout the day. A successful business cannot ignore the online presence of their company.

No matter what your business is in, the internet puts your business on a stage to the eyes of every current or potential customer. Not all of the interactions you experience will be positive. Investing time and resources into frequent monitoring, interaction, and resolution of negative feedback is a vital part of operating your online presence. Online reputation management is now a necessary element in your marketing strategy.

The vast majority of businesses will monitor their social media posts and mentions daily. They know that not only is correspondence and feedback important, but every negative comment can significantly damage how their business spreads.

Social media allows for a broadcast of recommendation or dissuasion of your products or services. Monitoring every day can help mitigate the risk of dissuading potential customers or losing current business.

Affecting SEO Rankings

People can post anything they want on social media. A business can invest a large number of resources into building a ranking on top search engines, but little control is possible over social media interaction. This is where reputation marketing is so important. Negative reviews and comments can really damage your SEO standings.

Social Listening And Online Reputation Marketing

How do you find when your brand is being mentioned negatively and what can you do about managing, mitigating, and counteracting these negative associations?

Social listening applications, services, and programs exist where you can be notified when your brand is being mentioned in a negative light. Many negative interactions aren’t malicious, but more so genuine concerns. Even in the internet age, customer service remains one of the greatest selling points for businesses. Many of these can be set up for free as well. Reputology, Google Alerts, and Yext are all tools that can be utilized for free to help monitor negative feedback. There are other businesses built around PR management and social monitoring in a much more comprehensive manner that may prove very beneficial. These include Hootsuite, Keyhole, Social Mention, and Sprout Social.

Reputation marketing encompasses many aspects of the implementation of Online Reputation Management. This can include consistent interaction and attempted resolution with negative feedback as well as potential encouragement of positive feedback as an offset.

With the establishment of the online marketing sphere, your reputation can mean more to your bottom line than anything beyond perhaps the quality of what you are offering. Giving social media and your customers’ presence the respect they deserve will prove invaluable to the success of your brand.

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