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Internet Marketing During an Economic Downturn: How to Make Sure Your Business Survives

As we’ve learned recently, anything can happen at any time that can seriously affect the economy. Whether it’s a pandemic, a web design, digital marketingtrade war, or simply falling confidence, economic downturns happen, and they can damage your business. Internet marketing could be a key component to any strategy you devise to keep your San Antonio business afloat. Here are some steps to take to keep your head above water.


Internet Marketing Aimed at Retaining Your Current Customers

When the economy gets tough, it can be very difficult to find new customers. However, you may find success by clinging to the ones you already have. Hopefully, your reputation marketing efforts have built you a trusting client base. These customers are the ones you should be focusing on. Retaining customers is much more cost-effective than searching out new ones. Reach out to them but make it personal. Send personalized emails with their names and other contextualized content that does not sound like it was written by a robot. Keep in touch on social media and engage with them. This is also great reputation marketing and builds even more trust with clients, and even potentially new clients, too. Make sure that you continue to churn out good content for all of your channels. If your social media and website look like you’ve given up, then your clients will give up on you.


Search Engine Optimization

Getting your brand out there is more important than ever when times around the country are tougher. Your internet marketing can’t focus solely on your existing clients, as you will need some new ones. Make sure that everything you do online is geared towards getting new eyeballs on your website and the products you are selling. SEO strategies will help you do this and will help you stand out in a crowd of businesses who are also fighting for eyeballs. People will buy from a brand they are familiar with. Make sure that your brand is as familiar as possible in your niche.


Drive Conversions

Conversion rate optimization is a great way to make sure that you are getting visitors to your website to do what you want them to do. Make sure the user experience on your site is excellent and make it easy to navigate. This can be a relatively inexpensive way to get results when things are slow. Put up new content, such as case studies and testimonials, and use AI technology to answer questions and drive the user experience.


Measure Everything

When the pickings are slim, you can’t afford to keep with something that isn’t working. Make sure to track and measure everything you do so that you can adapt quickly to any trends. If something isn’t getting the results you need, then switch it up. If something is working, then do more of it. There is no point in spending good money after bad because you are not even sure what’s been successful. Always use analytics tools and measure your return on investment at all times to make sure that you are being efficient.


When the economy is in a down cycle, then you need to keep ahead of the curve. The right internet marketing and reputation marketing strategies will allow your business to stay on top during tough times.


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