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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2020

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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2020

By now, most companies are well into strategizing their marketing for 2020. That means they need to be more than up-to-date on current technology and trends. They have to be ahead of the curve and predicting what the landscape will look like a year from now. Digital marketing trends are constantly evolving, so make sure that you keep your company from being left behind. Here are some internet marketing trends that will be hot in 2020.

Voice Search

The growing popularity of voice search should be changing how you produce content for your website when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). In the past, voice search programs were not very sophisticated, and users were not using voice as much as developers hoped. Programs would not hear words properly and have difficulty with certain types of voices. These voice programs are much better now, and more and more searches are performed using voice. This means that keywords need to better reflect this. For instance, someone typing in a search engine might enter “top music store in San Antonio,” whereas a voice user would say “where is the best music store in San Antonio.” It is more natural to say things a certain way as opposed to how you would type them out as.


This trend is already in full swing, but it will only get bigger as businesses realize what a benefit they can be. Chatbots, in particular, has quickly gone from easily identifiable canned response services to becoming more difficult to tell if they are human or not. They provide a valuable tool for companies to be able to “talk” to customers and answer questions around the clock without needing to pay staff for that entire time. They can also help with registrations, providing more information, and processing requests.

Social Media

Social media use has been huge for years, but it is only getting bigger. A business needs to keep on top of new trends to reach their potential customers. Social media is no longer a place just for cat videos and sharing photos of the family vacation. If your business does not have a social media presence, and it is not a big part of your digital marketing strategy, then it will be more and more of a detriment as time goes on.


The thing about internet marketing is that it needs to target the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. Gone are the days when a company can blast the public with television ads. The internet is too vast a place, so precision is necessary. You can never personalize your brand or message for every individual, but you can analyze those who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer and make engaging content for them.

Digital Marketing in 2020

Innovations are happening all the time. Whether it’s a new app or an improvement in existing technology, the public wants to interact and use the latest thing that interests them. Make sure that your internet marketing is up to date and is reaching everyone you need to reach. As we head into the future, users will have more options and more personalization open to them. Your digital marketing strategy must reflect this and evolve with the times.

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