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Get to Know an SEO Company Before You Hire Them

Get to Know an SEO Company Before You Hire Them

SEO company, reputation marketing By now, most businesses understand that their online presence can mean the difference between life and death. Having a good SEO strategy means that your San Antonio business can reach more people and make more money. It’s that simple. Which is why you also need to choose the right people to handle your SEO for you. Here are some questions to ask a potential SEO company to help decide if they are the right company to work with you.

How Will Your SEO Company Get Me Results?

It is one thing for an SEO company to say they will improve your search engine rankings. It is quite another for them to demonstrate how. No matter the size of their operation, they should be able to lay out their general process for SEO, and how they can tailor that process to meet your needs. They should do an SEO audit of your site and lay out a plan for backlinks and reputation marketing, among other things.

Will You Keep Me Updated on Changes to the Website?

The most reliable SEO companies will provide you with regular updates and reports. One every month should be just fine. They should also offer updates upon your request. Since you will be giving access to your website to the company, it is important to hire one that you feel is trustworthy. Website changes should always be tracked so that the resulting performance can be documented.

Can You Provide Case Studies?

You can always ask an SEO company about their past clients. They may not give you the entire list, but they should be able to point out a few successes for you. They should also be able to provide you the details of those successes over a specific time period. These details can include tracking and ranking information and should make it clear that the new SEO strategy was the cause of those improvements.

What SEO Tools Do You Use?SEO Company

There are many applications that SEO specialists can use to help with their work. They make it easier to process information and to track results. If used correctly, they can save you time and money. There are reporting tools that will accurately and quickly give you results of the latest updates. There are also back-linking tools that can help monitor and identify the good links from the bad. They will also remove any bad links to increase your rankings. There are tools to help monitor your reputation marketing as well.

There are also some powerful research tools that can help with gathering prospects and getting contact information. Most of these tools are reputable and comply with Google’s standards. There are some link-building tools that are not reputable and do not comply with standards. Using those types of links could get your site blacklisted from the search rankings, so be careful.

Can You Guarantee Me a #2 Ranking?

In most purchases, a guarantee is a good thing. When it comes to SEO, if a company guarantees you a top ranking, then you can be sure they are just trying to make a sale and are not reputable. There is no way to guarantee a ranking because no SEO company knows the exact Google algorithm, and how it might change. Do not be lured in by a guarantee.

SEO is an investment. Your online presence, including reputation marketing and other factors, can make or break your business. Ask the right questions to make sure you choose an SEO company you can trust.

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