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Inbound Marketing: The Latest Tactic to Generate Interest in Your Business

Inbound Marketing, Digital MarketingThere are several advantages that inbound marketing has over outbound marketing strategies: cost, exposure, and the ability to target specific demographics to get a variety of people to visit you online. Outbound marketing techniques consist of cold-calling, advertisements in offline publications, and mass mailings. In comparison, inbound marketing will allow you to use digital marketing, reducing costs and the hassle of print publications and mass mailings. Learning how to utilize inbound marketing does not have to be overwhelming. There are a variety of resources that can help you get started by providing guidance and tips for successful application of this method of marketing. If you are interested in getting started with inbound marketing, here are some of the latest tactics to consider using: 

Inbound Marketing - What Does It Mean? 

Inbound Marketing/Digital Marketing Before the Internet and the rise of digital marketing, the majority of advertisements were in the form of traditional outbound marketing techniques like television ads, billboards and direct mail. This meant that a business often had to advertise to the masses where only a percentage of viewers actually qualified as the business's target audience. Consequently, outbound marketing was limited in its effectiveness and companies usually had to spend big money to generate leads.