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I Keep Hearing About Inbound Marketing, Exactly What Does That Mean?

Inbound Marketing – What Does It Mean? 

Inbound Marketing/Digital Marketing Before the Internet and the rise of digital marketing, the majority of advertisements were in the form of traditional outbound marketing techniques like television ads, billboards and direct mail. This meant that a business often had to advertise to the masses where only a percentage of viewers actually qualified as the business’s target audience. Consequently, outbound marketing was limited in its effectiveness and companies usually had to spend big money to generate leads. 

Over the past few years, inbound marketing has gained lots of momentum because of its effectiveness and ability to be done on a smaller budget. Rather than a business trying to make sales by shoving its message down the throats of consumers, inbound marketing takes a much different approach. This strategy focuses on creating content that consumers will find on their own. For instance, social media is a popular form of digital marketing where a company will create accounts on popular networks and routinely post relevant content that their audience will find useful and/or entertaining.

How Inbound Marketing Can Work For You

This way, consumers aren’t barraged with ads that are irrelevant and obtrusive. Instead, inbound marketing concentrates on gradually building rapport with consumers and inevitably earning their trust. Rather than creating flashy ads that may not even apply to a large percentage of an audience, this technique draws consumers in by offering free content that’s useful and adds value to their lives.

Another example is blogging where a company will consistently post articles that are specific to their industry. Audience members could then find these articles directly through the company’s website, through search engines or links from other websites. By doing so, a company can prove itself to consumers in a very tangible way. When compared to outbound marketing where a business simply tells how great its products or services are, inbound marketing directly backs it up.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a form of digital marketing that’s designed to bridge the gap between a company and its demographic. This strategy utilizes a variety of techniques like link building, keyword selection and tagging to ensure that the right consumers can find helpful content in search engines. By making it easy for an audience to find relevant content and the products or services they’re looking for, a business can advertise with a high level of efficiency.

Perhaps the best aspect of this form of marketing is the conversion rates. While outbound marketing tends to have a minimal conversion rate, inbound marketing routes ensure that the audience has an existing interest. This means that businesses get solid results and a high return on their time and investment.

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