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5 SEO Company Tips for Higher Ranking

5 SEO Company Tips for Higher Ranking

SEO Company, inbound marketingIt’s probably safe to say that every business owner is looking for the same thing: more sales. The other safe thing to assume is that those sales won’t just magically appear. That’s why you need a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. In today’s digital landscape, that includes a solid SEO strategy. With that in mind, here are 5 SEO company tips to get your website higher rankings. And we all know that higher rankings convert to more sales, which means a happy business owner.

Provide Useful Content

Gone are the days where websites with lots and lots of content are being rewarded with higher rankings. Search engines are getting smarter every day, and they’re not just looking for sites stuffed with keywords. They’re looking for sites that provide useful and relevant content. The rule of thumb is to post content that is actionable or makes your audience think. Also, content doesn’t just mean blog posts or articles anymore. Your strategy can include things like videos, infographics, music, or anything that’s suited for your particular niche.

Update the Content on Your Site Regularly

The same applies to static content. Any good SEO company will tell you that not updating your site with new content on a regular basis will put you at a disadvantage. If your website information is old or out of date, no one is going to bother returning. Potential customers want to be engaged. If you want to keep them coming back, make sure you’re continually adding fresh new content.

Make Sure to Use Alt Tags

If you’re including any media or videos, it’s important to tag them appropriately. This is what allows search engines to read these images and able to find you. Search engines will crawl sites to index them, so you want to make sure that everything is labeled the way you want it to appear in search.

Use Links Effectively

Don’t just use links for the sake of using links. Make sure they’re explanatory. For example, if you were to include a link that said, “get more info here”, that doesn’t really explain where “here” is. Instead, if for example, you were to say “get more info at Wikipedia” that provides a clear context for where your reader is being directed. Being specific provides content that is richer and in turn has more search engine value. This may seem minor, but every little bit goes a long way when trying to get higher rankings. It can make the difference between a page 2 or a page 1 ranking.

Use Strong Title Tags

Title tags are considered the most important piece of metadata on any given page of your site. Metadata is something that is invisible to your visitors, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t crucial to your inbound marketing strategy. All the heavy lifting happens at the back-end. Think of metadata as the communication center between your site and search engines. That means that you want to begin each title with the most relevant keywords. Try to keep the title within 60 characters. The goal is to keep the communication between your site and the search engine as clear as possible.

Partner with a Reputable SEO CompanySEO Company, inbound marketing

Consider this a bonus tip if you will. If you implement the above tips, you’ll be well on your way to better rankings for your website. However, do consider the following. As a business owner, your time is precious and you’re already busy being an expert at delivering your products and services. So, it’s understandable that you may not have time to spend on your inbound marketing.

Successful business owners realize this and will often partner with a reputable SEO company to help them get the results they want. Why learn a new skill set when there are experts out there willing to help you get there quickly and efficiently? If SEO is part of your 2019 marketing strategy (and it should be) call Incite Digital Marketing in San Antonio and let’s chat about how we can help make you a happy business owner.

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