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Effective Web Design: Understanding Intuitive Page Layouts

Effective Web Design: Understanding Intuitive Page Layouts

web designFor every well-designed website, there’s also a handful of pages that are laid out with confusion as their main reaction among consumers. You don’t want to be part of those frustrating pages. Intuitive page layouts for any business website will draw customers in and encourage them to buy products and services. Learn about effective web design so that you can alter your pages accordingly.

Go For a Grid

The most intelligent way to see web development across the Internet is by simply surfing various sites. Stop at each homepage to see the layout. Randomly placed images and text might confuse you. Be aware that a grid layout is the best way to organize each page. Mix up the grid with pictures, videos or infographics. Average visitors won’t notice a grid appearance, but their minds will appreciate the organization. Clear pages tell visitors that the business is viable and ready to serve the public.

Horizontally Align Page Tabs

As your web development strategy evolves, striving for unusual layouts is a risky endeavor. Site visitors want page tabs at the top of the screen. Don’t get too creative by adding them along the left- or right-hand margins. Another detail to keep in mind is visibility during scrolling. The tabs should be permanent along the top edge so that scrolling upward isn’t a major chore. Intuitive page layouts make navigation as simple as possible, which drives traffic to your brand. Creating a scavenger hunt across the pages will only frustrate your customers in the end.

Invest in Mobile Web Designweb design, web development

Your San Antonio business must cater to customers accessing your site from a number of devices, including tablets and smartphones. Great web development starts at the desktop level while it grows into a mobile component. Your website simply needs coding and a functional, mobile design that pulls up the basics. Locations, products and other information are critical for your customers to have on the go. If they must work through a traditional website on their mobile device, you’ll lose more customers than gaining them.

Remember Left to Right

Take human habit into consideration as you work on a web design. People read from left to right so your page layout should reflect this fact. Use the top, left-hand corner for your main logo and menu items. Design menu option with symmetry along the left sidebar and across the top section for easy view and navigation. This F-shaped design is the most effective when it comes to conversion factors. You’ll see more people staying on your website and funneling through to additional pages. Be sure to include your Social Media icons with links in the header and footer so visitors can connect with you.

Use Color For Branding

Subtle hints that customers are on the right website include colors. If your brand or business has a certain color palette, such as yellow, red and blue, use them across your site pages. The brand colors should only be decorative additions that simply brighten the page. As customers scan the pages, the colors remind them of the brand that they see in stores or during advertising campaigns. Because the colors are familiar, customers feel comfortable buying from you.

Web development is regularly being simplified so that everyday people can create their own sites with free web design tools. However, you want your San Antonio business to stand out as a professional beacon. Consider a consultation with a web design team. They’ll be able to pinpoint any issues on the website, or expound on the best qualities across the pages. At the end of the day, driving traffic to your site is the main goal.

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