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Five of the Most Common Web Design Fails

Five of the Most Common Web Design Fails

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Creating a website has become a mandatory requirement for businesses of any size. Your website should tell people who you are, what your product or service is and what can you do for them. If developed correctly, it should increase you sales over time by converting your site visitors to customers.  Many websites have glaring oversights that negatively impact the traffic volume. Explore these top 5 web design fails so your San Antonio business doesn’t make these mistakes.


1. Cluttered Home Page

I In the virtual world, everyone looks for speed, efficiency and answers to their questions. When consumers land on a business’s website they are obviously in search of something they need or want so the home page must provide that.  It must capture their attention, yet be a simple and informative. There should be no confusion about what the site is offering. Clear messaging through content and visuals is crucial. Take a close look at your web design from a visitor’s perspective. Change any of the elements that could create confusion or does not provide a solution for the viewer.

2. Limited Browser Compatibility

Businesses should consider the browsers being used by most consumers. If your site is not compatible with the browser that a visitor is using, you have just lost a prospective customer.  An experienced web development firm will optimize the site for speed and functionality across all browsers including mobile devices so errors don’t occur when visitors are trying to view your site.

3. Hard to Read TextWeb Design, SEO Company

When consumers land on a web page, is should be an easy read from top to bottom. Color choices and text fonts will make or break a design. If the website is difficult to view or read your visitor is likely to leave. Color choices are usually driven by logos and branding so the use of 2 or 3 complementing colors is usually best for design.  The font used for content display should also be easy to view and read.  Avoid script or bulky fonts for content that will make reading and viewing difficult.  Use relevant images in your content that breaks up the paragraphs for a better flow.



4. Search Engine Optimization

Just because you have a live website doesn’t mean people will find you on the internet.  Make sure that the SEO Company that you hire for your web design will also provide SEO services such as optimization of the site. This will include features such as an xml sitemap, unique meta titles and tags and images that are meta tagged.   You might want a video used on your home page that is short and informative to the viewer. Videos should also be optimized.  If you have a blog roll on your website, your need to be sure that you blog often enough to keep your content fresh and optimize the blogs as well.

5. Web Design Geared Towards the Owner, Not the Customer

A website owner may know exactly what they want their website to look like and how to organize it. The question is will your customer understand your message? Each webpage must be designed from the client’s perspective. Home pages focus on core product or services along with some basic information. Subsequent pages break out the details of services, products or even the history of a company. Each of these pages should be geared towards the visitor and what you can do for them.  Visitors need to gain the information they want and move forward. When a website allows them to do this, your bounce rate will decrease significantly.

A trusted SEO company should be part of any business’s development model.  After all, they know that great design is NOT all about hanging a shingle on the web. If that’s what your website company is telling you then you’ve been neglected and it’s time to find a new web design company. Professional web design companies are only truly successful when their clients are getting lead generation from their website.

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