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Increase Your Client Base – Social Media Marketing Is The New Wave

Social Media Marketing is the New Wave

Social Media Marketing/Inbound Marketing


As many San Antonio business professionals know, attaining effective search engine optimization services is critically important for those who want to ensure that their companies experience continual growth and expansion. Despite this fact, however, many business owners have not invested the time and effort necessary to become knowledgeable about search engine optimization services and their relevance to contemporary advertising methods such as social media marketing and inbound marketing. Yet by learning more about the world of SEO and the aforementioned marketing services, business owners can take the first step towards expanding their online presence and increasing conversion rates. 

Search Engine Optimization Services-The Basics 

Although broadly defined, search engine optimization is basically a process that involves employing strategies to web site design and advertising so that a large number of people are drawn to the site. There are a variety of SEO services that can be used to accomplish this goal. Some of them include the creation of interesting, informative content and the use of internal and external links. Generally, businesses that want to maximize the efficacy of SEO techniques seek the services of professional marketing agencies. 

Social Media Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

Marketing Via Social Media 

As many marketing experts know, social media marketing has begun to play an increasingly integral role in the world of search engine optimization. In short, social media marketing is a process that involves advertising a business’s goods and services by interacting with audiences on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. In many cases, this interaction is designed to attract prospective customers to the business owner’s website. 

Since social media marketing involves drawing audiences to a business’s website, it constitutes a form of search engine optimization. One relatively easy way to use social media to attract more attention to a website is to tweet a link to one’s site content via Twitter. Other social media marketing strategies include holding contests with prizes that can be redeemed by having the winner enter his or her contact information via a customer form found on the business’s website. 

Inbound Marketing 

Just as social media marketing constitutes an important and effective form of search engine optimization; inbound marketing can be used to attract attention to a company’s website. This form of marketing involves strategies such as creating website content that is specifically designed to appeal to your target audience. It is an effective form of marketing because it involves catching and keeping the attention of prospective clients while simultaneously ensuring that one’s current customers retain loyalty to your brand. 

Some inbound advertising strategies include content creation that answers FAQ’s and basic customer needs, as well as, personalization methods that involve making messages relevant to the specific interests and values of one’s clients. When inbound advertising strategies are employed effectively, they can ensure that you have a steady wave of prospective clients visiting your website. This increased number of website visitors often translates into increased conversion rates. 


As was previously mentioned, using effective search engine optimization strategies plays an integral role in helping you attract more visitors to your website. Once this is done, you can effectively advertise your goods and services while increasing retention rates and building a loyal customer base. Whether you choose to use social media marketing or inbound advertising methods, making search engine optimization techniques integral to your advertising plan is always advantageous and important.

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