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Website Design: Are You Ready for an Update?

Website Design: Are You Ready for an Update?

website designSurf the Internet for 10 minutes. Look at your website and compare it to competitors’ sites. In fact, you might search for random websites across the Web. Notice that each website has a unique style, but many features are commonplace across most sites. Setting up your website with the proper features is crucial to search-engine success and customer visibility. Consider the reality that your website design is ready for an update. Learn how certain features signal that a change is necessary.

Clutter Defines the Homepage

If your San Antonio company has a website with a cluttered homepage, it’s time for an update. It’s easy to add elements to your homepage, such as the latest special or event, but removing them is often postponed. In the eyes of the consumer, clutter equates to confusion. They don’t know where to look for the information they need. A strong, inbound marketing strategy will reverse the cluttered space and provide simple sales funnels based on their needs.

Dormant Contentwebsite design, inbound marketing

Your business may not have a dynamic product line. The content on the pages is still technically correct about the company. There’s no reason to change it. However, inbound marketing strategies teach businesses that updated content is paramount to visibility on every level.


Alter the content of the web pages. The search engines will notice the updates when the site is crawled. They might rank you higher on the pages than before. Your customers notice these increases in rankings as well. New content must be a habit in today’s virtual marketplace.

Information Doesn’t Solve a Problem

Website design mistakes occur when companies focus too much on themselves. Your San Antonio business has 20 years of experience with dozens of certifications in your field. Although this is important information, inbound marketing ranks it lower than you might believe.

Consumers want a problem solved when they search for a company. Your site must describe the problem and solution in concise terms. Make this statement the core element of your homepage. The other information, such as your license and certification, can be listed on another page.

Lacks an “All-Welcome” Website Design

One of the newest ways to upgrade your website is by offering different options for various visitors. You’ll inevitably have a mixture of shoppers, including browsing individuals, interested people, and outright loyalists. Create areas throughout the website that caters to these needs.

Convince the skeptic that your product or service is the next best thing. Thank the loyal customers with an enhanced version of a product that they love. This personalization improves the site and makes it more interesting for every visitor.

No Helpful Downloads

You’ve successfully convinced your customers to download an informational form on your site. However, don’t leave them wanting more. Create content that updates as the visitor downloads certain information. Reading a download about a product should prompt another download to appear about another product or service for example. Offer helpful information so that your website is a partner with the customer as they seek out the best deals.

Use Blended Content Formats

A wall of text will only turn your readers off. They can’t find the information that they need. Another website will serve them better. Update your web pages to include a mixture of different media. Videos, blogs, images, and infographics greatly improve any site.

Work with a marketing team that understands the virtual world, including Incite Digital Marketing & Advertizing. Website design is constantly changing, but you can keep up with the times by partnering with tech-savvy individuals. Obtain the visibility you’re seeking by enhancing your site and let the selling begin.

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