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SEO Blogger Tips

10 easy things you can do on your own as a Blogger to Increase SEO.

1: Make sure you do some research before you begin writing. Your relevant keywords are important and if you are not sure how to find them, try looking up: Googe AdWords, Ubersuggest, or Google Trends.  These tools can help you find your related terms.

2: Once you found your keywords, or relevant terms. You need to include them in these aspects of your writing.  The title, the meta descriptions, and in the content of the blog. Also include your keywords in the tags below the blog.

3:  Find a relevant picture or image graphic that can work with your blog. Save it as a PNG file with the keyword in the name.

4. Add Permalinks within the article. Make sure it includes your /%postname%/  or  /%category%/%postname%/

5. Know the difference between tags and categories.  A tag is more specific and is probably a keyword. A category is an overall theme or genre that your information can be placed in.

6. Add internal links “your related Link” within the article itself that takes you to another blog post. Make the language flow casually. You don’t want to sound like a robot.

7. Add the social media buttons somewhere on your blog page. The more people share your info, the more site authority you will generate.

8.  Use Google Analytics, take advantage of the information it provides, write on topics that are popular and turns out good metric engagement.  DO NOT COPY old blogs and repost.

9.  If you don’t have one already, create a Google+ page, and link it to your blog. Eventually, the photo you use on Google+ will show up in searches and people can see who is writing, knowing this, use a professional photo.

10.  Lastly, make sure your keywords are popular now, and not 6 months ago. Change them up if you need to.

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