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Top 10 Mistakes With Web Design In San Antonio

Web Design in San Antonio


Companies understand that there is a need for an online presence on some level. Most companies are comfortable with the idea of listing their businesses in directories and signing up on social networking sites. Some businesses have taken the steps to launch their own web design while others are still on the fence about whether or not there is a need for a website. Companies with websites and those considering one should steer clear of these common mistakes. 

Web design San Antonio businesses are getting it right 

Web design San Antonio has noticed that companies are starting to understand the potential of the website when effective search engine optimization techniques are employed. Some companies now recognize how much more cost-effective the website is in comparison to other advertising channels like the phone book and the newspapers. Customers now understand that the Internet has the potential to reach a wider audience, making for a greater return on investment as dwindling readerships and lower subscription rates reduce the chances of a print ad being seen.

Where Companies Need Improvement With Their Web Design 

1. The company’s website it not targeting the audiences properly. The site wants to speak to every audience, including those not likely to buy the product or service.

2. The company’s website isn’t designed to appeal to the audience aesthetically. The website wants to do business with elite clients, but the site is unprofessionally designed and awkward.

3. The site isn’t properly designed to optimize or capitalize on local searches. No attention to local marketing has been paid.

4. The layout confuses the user, forcing the person search and hunt for things of value. The website requires more work for the user and is overwhelming.

5. There is no call to action, leaving the customer unsure of how to act. The clear call to action was communicated consistently enough.

6. The company website lacks a mobile website. The site loads slowly in a clunky way on the mobile device.

7. The company website is trying to accomplish too many objectives at once. The user is unclear of the purpose of the website and what exactly is being sold.

8. The wrong keywords are used to optimize the website. The keywords are too general, so the site can never reach top page search engine results.

9. The website isn’t being updated enough. The search engines no longer want to index the website because it’s so inactive.

10. A lot of the content featured on the site is misspelled. The information was hurriedly added to the website and no proofreading was done.

Companies have made great strides in establishing an online presence, but many still need the web design San Antonio component that reflects the company in the best light.

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