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Website Design: 3 Practices That Will Impact Your Business

Website Design: 3 Practices That Will Impact Your Business

website design, inbound marketingWe can all agree that first impressions matter. And if we’re agreeing on that concept, then it would hold true that your San Antonio business’ website design also matters. It takes people just a few seconds to form an opinion when they land on your site. If your website doesn’t make a good impression, then you can likely kiss potential customers goodbye.

It’s not strictly about aesthetics though. It’s about the image you want to convey.  Think about it this way…if you went to a high-end boutique and the floors were dirty and there were clothes scattered around in messy piles, you’d probably think twice about shopping there. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have a good product, but it does mean that it wouldn’t match the expectation you had for that type of establishment.

Website Design is no Different

The same applies to your website design.  Good design simply encourages people to navigate your site further. Now, once they are on there, the goal is to keep them engaged and, on your site, as long as possible. So, here are 3 tips you can implement to keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more.

Page Speed

First things first…if your page speed is slow, you’re going to have a hard time keeping anyone’s interest. They’ll get frustrated and go check your competitor’s site and products. People like instant gratification. If you can give it to them, you will be rewarded. Functionality is key! In addition to looking good, your site needs to perform well also.  It’s really that simple.


Then, of course, there’s SEO. Search Engine Optimization can literally take a business from barely keeping its doors open to a successful thriving one. It’s that important. If someone is looking for a product or service, they will likely use a search engine to find it. Once they hit return on that keyboard, the search engine will yield results. Most people won’t feel the need to look beyond page one. No one wants to sift through pages and pages to find what they’re looking for. Plus, being on that first page lends credibility to your business.

Inbound Marketingwebsite design, inbound marketing

A visually appealing site will only get you so far.  Once you’ve wowed your potential customer with great website design, then you must keep them interested.  Not much different than dating, when you think about it. At first, it’s all about the attraction, but if you’re going to get that second date you need to have more than just good looks. When it comes to your business that would be things like content marketing, blog posts, social media, events, etc. Basically, whatever pulls your customer into your funnel. The idea is to create brand awareness and attract new customers.

With the right elements, any San Antonio business could convert their website from barely performing to a fine-tuned machined that gets new leads. The question is, should you be implementing these tips in any particular order? The truth is that without SEO your site might be hard to find. But because SEO doesn’t happen overnight, you shouldn’t wait for the other elements.  Your site should be aesthetic enough (website design) to capture interest, fast enough (page speed) not to frustrate visitors and engaging enough (inbound marketing) to keep them navigating. Basically, they’re all important in their own way and function together to provide the end user with the best possible experience.  If you can master these elements, then you’ve just seriously increased your chances of success.

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