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The Beginners Guide to Simple Web Development

The Beginners Guide to Simple Web Development

web development, website designYou have a new business and things are going well but you still don’t have your website up and running. Regardless of your comfort with technology, every business must have a website that visitors can access to view your products or services and to contact you with any questions they may have. To make this transition into the virtual world an easy one, explore this beginner’s guide to web development so you know what to expect from your website design team.

Web Development and Google Requirements

Your website may be a wide format, up to date, engaging design but it won’t gain any traction in the online world if people don’t see it. Make sure your digital marketing company creates your site with the latest requirements of Google so it can be indexed. Installation of a SSL Certificate on the hosting site to provide a secure connection for your visitors is the newest requirement.  If you don’t know exactly what this means, it’s the difference between “http://” and “https://”.   Experienced, web development personnel understand this designation so you shouldn’t have to worry about it. They will work with your hosting company to get the SSL certificate installed and activated.

Expand on the Traditional Website

A huge aspect of today’s website design that you may be unfamiliar with is the mobile component. When your customers click on your link, the site automatically detects which type of device they’re using. Tablets and smartphones are quickly routed to a mobile version of your site. At this location, a simplified homepage greets the visitors. Standard computers accessing your site will land on the full-site homepage. By customizing the experience based on the device type, your customers can quickly find the information that they need to continue a working relationship with you.

Keep it SimpleWeb Design, digital marketing

The font, colors and text size must be simple enough to see with a quick glance of the site. Complicated cursive, tiny words and excessive color use will turn visitors away from the site. Website design has so many options today that it’s easy to get caught up in the details. Ideally, pick a basic font style with two or three primary colors covering the page. Don’t clutter your page with a lot of text either. Break up the pages with images, videos and headings that intuitively guide the visitor.

Link Out Where Appropriate

Your website needs credibility in the virtual world. Your web development company should incorporate links throughout the content, which connect you to relevant information in your chosen industry. Your developers may also suggest guest blogging on another site too. This linking process is where you write an article for a colleague’s site, and it links back to your webpage. Linking to high page ranking websites give you a better, search-engine ranking and relevance in your industry. If you live and work in the San Antonio area, these links can rapidly expand your business name across the nation.

Pay Attention to Analytics

In the digital marketing world, analytics provide technical data that simply describes the traffic habits in and around your website. Site developers will access this information on a regular basis so that the pages’ successes are quantified. As a business owner, you should learn how to read these analytics. They tell you where visitors click the most, when they leave the site and if any sales develop out of the activity. Understanding your clients’ behaviors will allow you to make any necessary changes to the website to improve sales.

As your website grows more popular, you can work with digital marketing professionals to refine it even more, such as the experts at Incite Digital Marketing. Website development is a precise process that will help your business grow in the long run. Immerse yourself in the simple steps of building your site so that any San Antonio business flourishes around its fierce competition.

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