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Web Development and the Ugly Truth Uncovered

Web Development and the Ugly Truth Uncovered

web developmentThe online world is a goldmine of customers, vendors and other resources for businesses. It’s imperative to have a website that reflects your brand and customer dedication, especially with so much competition today. You might spend countless hours and financial resources on your website’s design, but mistakes are bound to happen. Be aware of the ugly truth behind web development and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Content Updates are a Priority

Long hours and intense brainstorming sessions are just a couple of efforts that are involved in website development. The pages might be optimized for nearly perfect search engine marketing, but don’t post the information as a permanent fixture. A profession web development company will tell you to update information on your site from time to time to show your visitors you’re keeping in touch. Search engines use updated information to qualify pages for their particular rankings. Ideally, update the content several times a year. Add geolocations, such as San Antonio, because the details matter when it comes to page rankings.

Slow Pages Lose Visitors

Paying top dollar for custom coding may be a smart search engine marketing technique, but verify the coding is written for speed and efficiency  when considering the site functionality. If a customer has to wait more than a few seconds for a page to load, they will leave the site, and they may never visit again. This will lead to a poor online reputation. Web development must include fast load speed from either a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Button Locations Matter during Web Development

As visitors hop onto your website, they should be able to intuitively move around the pages. Sales funnels are typically used on websites to drive the visitor down a certain path.  This is done with buttons and/or links and should be obvious to the visitor. Company contact information should should be easy to find.  A visitor would expect to see some type of contact information in the header of the site.  Menu options should be located along the top margin or you may have a sidebar menu. Any call to action should have a hover feature that changes color when the mouse hovers over the button.  This type of display indicates an action item on the user’s part. If users don’t understand how to use your website, they will go somewhere else to get what they need.  Page setups should be easy to read with images and text interspersed accordingly. Too much information and hidden features will only turn off your visitors.

Mobile Components Count

Focusing on San Antonio search engine marketing on the traditional desktop website is great, but don’t forget the mobile component. The mobile version of a website may look the same as the desktop version but can be a custom view.  This is done through coding that hides some portions of the website when displayed on a mobile device, and is referred to as responsive. Visitors on a smartphone or tablet can view the smaller pages with ease. This mobile feature is so important in today’s world where everyone has a smart phone and uses it for everything. When developing the mobile version of your website, think like a visitor and test like a visitor.

Don’t Connect With Every Siteweb development, search engine marketing

Your search engine marketing solutions may dictate adding external links and social-media buttons to the site. Be careful using this strategy. Adding an excessive amount of connections will slow the load time. Pick a few links that are relevant to your business and are trust worthy  sites having a high page ranking. Choose the top two or three social-media sites that can really expand your brand’s name. With only a few items connecting to the site, the load time will be fast.


Before you go live with your website, visit it on your own as if you were the customer. Be critical about the load times and where items are located on the page. If you have any frustrations with the web development, your customers are bound to feel the same way. Perfect the pages before you go live, and the reward will be more customers across the globe.

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