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How Web Development and Web Marketing Work Together

How Web Development and Web Marketing Work Together

web developmentThe Internet is a vast world that’s continually growing with companies popping up on the virtual horizon each day. To stand out on those search-engine pages, you need a slick and professional website. Developers use a host of different departments with individuals who’re educated enough to understand the intricacies of marketing and coding. It’s a fact that web development and web marketing work together to create an unforgettable website for each client.

Creating One, Simple Meeting for Clients

When a client is ready to build or revamp a website, the business normally comes to a developer’s office. Development professionals and web marketing experts sit down as a group with their clients. Every aspect of the meeting can cover a crucial detail. If clients must meet with their web team on separate occasions, confusion and miscommunication are often the results. A single meeting puts everyone on the same page while allowing for brainstorming to occur. Clients walk away with a clear vision of the website, which can be implemented as soon as it’s approved.

Formulating a Web Development Toneweb development, web marketing

One of the first steps of web development is establishing a tone better known as branding. Take a look at name-brand sites that are commonplace in the business industry. Colors, language and font are all chosen with painstaking detail. Marketing and development professionals work together to create a tone for a company. An initial interview defines the business’s tone, including edgy, family-friendly or elegant features. With this information, the developers will create a mock up or a rough design layout for review. Marketing experts take a look at these layouts, and they’ll approve of the design as necessary.

Encouraging Intuitive Actions

It’s the job of both the developers and marketers to design a homepage that’s easy to understand and navigate. All of the links, pages, and features must be intuitive to the user. Clicking at the top and scanning the left-hand margin are normal actions for most consumers. Scrolling around left to right or up and down can confuse web visitors. Professionals work together to make the page functional while easy to manage. Frustrated visitors will only surf away from the page in record time.

Adding Changes on a Whim

As a website nears completion, the clients will often have suggestions that require some changes to the page. It’s the developer’s job to make the coding simple enough for minor changes. An extra image or link may be necessary, for instance. These changes must also be possible when the website finally goes live. Marketers will want to add special banners and other call to action items as sales come and go at the business. Basic changes require the harmonious work of both developers and marketers during a site build and afterward.

Incorporating Widgets and Buttons

Marketers want to get the word out about a business. This process is possible when a website has many widgets that link out to other sites. Your site may have a bank of buttons that link to various, social-media sites. Their presence may seem cluttered on the page at first, but they offer crucial sharing power as consumers enjoy your website. Developers make the coding possible for the widgets while marketers decide on the proper location on each page.

When you live and work in the San Antonio area, it’s only natural to look for a local website developer, such as SEO of San Antonio. Web development and web marketing are two distinct services, but they work in harmony for your business’s benefit. Explore the virtual world for all of its advantages in life. Your company can proudly serve a customer base that’s multiplying in numbers every day.

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