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Key Components to Web Development

Key Components to Web Development


web developmentWhen web development is done right, the creation of your website is the equivalent of visualizing a personality through images, logos and text. Customers will find you through web searches and engage with you to find the information they are looking for. However, before any website goes live, professionals should evaluate key components that will drive traffic to the pages.


Be Visible in Search Engines

Companies may want to drive new traffic to a site, but they also want to support their current customers. A key component to web development is ensuring that your website can be found in search engines.  This is accomplished by using many strategic tactics that boost your rankings and ultimately put you on page one of any search engine based on search terms.

Be Visible as an Established Company

Don’t overlook the importance of an “about us” page. Almost anyone can build a website and call themselves professionals. A reputable company wants to stand out with their credentials held up for everyone to inspect. Build an “about us” page that describes the founders, mission, history and experience of the company. This page lends credibility to all of the content that’s added to the subsequent site sections.

Use your Space Wisely in Web Development

Successful Internet marketing shouldn’t overwhelm the website visitor. A wall of text or countless videos will only deter guests from exploring the site. Professional web developers will consider what will capture the attention of the user within the first 5 seconds of seeing the website. You only get one shot at making a first impression, so make it your best.

Connect With Others

Internet marketing cannot work to its full potential when connection with others is lacking. Add in those social-media plugins as well as adding a share buttons to your blog posts.  Fresh high quality, optimized content should be added to your website frequently.  It should contain keywords that a user would type into a web browser as a search phrase. Also have guest bloggers write content and link it back to your website. This increases visibility with more links connecting to the website and drives traffic between different sites to benefit everyone involved.

Internet marketing has many facets to its practice, from advertising a handle in a storefront window to purchasing online ads. Ideally, businesses should work with a reputable web development team in San Antonio who understands the intended vision. With only a few pages within one website, a company can see profits skyrocket as strategic design influences the sales.

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