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Digital Marketing vs Advertising. What’s the Difference?

Digital Marketing vs Advertising. What’s the Difference?

digital marketing, web marketingAs more businesses find a profit lifeline within the online world, confusion over marketing techniques continues to abound. Terms, such as web marketing or advertising, are used interchangeably within conference rooms and Internet chat rooms. In fact, there’s a stark difference between digital marketing and advertising that business owners must understand to keep up with current trends. 

Advertising Reaches a Limited Audience

Traditional advertising only reaches a few people at a time, and it’s usually a mixture of different demographics. Television, billboards and other advertising outlets just aren’t as effective as online tools. With so many businesses vying for attention, every marketing strategy must be unique toward a given audience. Handing out flyers for a flower shop near a high school graduation ceremony is effective, for example, but only culminates in short-term profits.

Personalized Digital Marketing

Web marketing that really makes a difference is usually in the palm of a consumer’s hand. Smartphones and tablets are here to stay, so businesses must use these devices for effective marketing. Advertising could come in the form of push notifications, banners and other pop-up marketing techniques. Developing an app is another smart marketing idea, so that consumers are constantly aware of a particular service or product.

Incorporating the Search Engine

SEO or search engine optimization remains an important part of digital marketing success. Ideally, websites should have fresh text, blogs and keywords nearly every month to keep up with current search algorithms. Keywords with location information are even more important because search engines typically list local businesses first. Ideally, businesses should work with experienced online marketers for an effective campaign.

Interactive Advertising

Businesses can also add some interactive advertising to their marketing strategies by purchasing online ads. These advertisements appear in margins as consumers check their email or visit particular websites, for example. When a consumer sees a product or service they desire, a simple click of the mouse takes them to the corresponding website. Although this marketing technique isn’t directed at a particular demographic, it’s still effective to drum up some interest in a new or emerging brand.

Overall, digital marketing has the power to reach customers as far away as London to nearby San Antonio. Businesses that want to remain competitive in their respective industries must embrace web marketing and all of its details. The results of a successful marketing campaign can mean profits for many years.

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