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Digital Marketing: Increase Return with Mobile-Friendly Sites.

Digital Marketing: Increase Return with Mobile-Friendly Sites.

digital marketing, internet marketingBusinesses aren’t on the proverbial map without a website. However, this milestone isn’t as important as it once was. In today’s fast paced world, websites must be complemented by mobile-friendly sites. Digital marketing cannot move forward unless consumers have a simple way to find information rapidly. Mobile websites contribute to Internet marketing success on a variety of levels.


Digital Marketing On the Go

Mobile websites usually allow for push notifications, email and other correspondence. Because consumers often approve of these communication types, business marketing is literally in the palm of customers’ hands. Internet marketing can be in the form of a daily special, coupon or lightning sale popping up on the device. The mobile website may not have to be open to work on any given device. Connecting with customers on a regular basis keeps the product or service in their minds for possible future sales.

Instant Basic Information

Mobile business access allows customers to see all the basic information they need to make a purchase. Locations, hours and even menus can be quickly downloaded onto any device. When customers must sort through standard websites on their mobile device, they often become frustrated from the scrolling effort. Simplified mobile websites give pertinent information so consumers can make informed and rapid purchasing decisions increasing a company’s digital marketing return.

Shopping On the Fly

Internet marketing can be enhanced even further through mobile website sales. If consumers can purchase core items through a mobile website, they don’t have to bother with visiting a storefront or reaching a laptop to shop online. Mobile purchasing is one of the most profitable ways to keep customers loyal to a company. They can pay through third parties, using credit or debit cards, depending on the business’s mobile setup.

Search Engine Penalties

Businesses should be aware that some search engines actually penalize companies without a mobile website. Search engines rank their listings based on relevance and other features when consumers type in their query. Adding a mobile website gives the search engine another way of qualifying a query, ranking it better on the listing compared to non-mobile website entries.

Consumers could live in Chicago or San Antonio, but a mobile website locating nearby storefronts allows anyone to find products and services as quickly as possible. When a mobile website is simple to use, consumers are more prone to use it often. This digital marketing strategy creates loyal customers with the convenience of access on smartphones and tablets.

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