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Website Design Must Balance Aesthetics with Functionality.

Website Design Must Balance Aesthetics with Functionality.

website design, online marketingWith millions of websites being published and updated each day, their design is a core aspect of success. Site visitors can be immediately drawn into or turned away from a website based solely on the layout, colors and font size. Because online marketing is the main goal of any business site, designers must create a tantalizing visual treat while maintaining functionality. Discover the four keys to balancing aesthetics with functionality using clever website design.


Website Design and Share Buttons

Social media is the heart of commerce these days, but sharing everything to everyone makes a website difficult to navigate. Companies must choose three or four top social media sites to link on their pages. Customers visiting the blog page, for instance, can immediately share the information with their social network using a click of a button. Adding a dozen social media buttons makes the page appear messy while it loads at an extremely slow pace.

Careful with Colors

Website design professionals have a host of color palettes to choose from during development. Don’t let a rainbow of colors blind site visitors, however. Choose two or three main colors to splash across the screen. Avoid the overly dramatic black background and opt for a light color. Even white isn’t a bad choice when visitors simply want purchasing information quickly.

Too Much Information?

Make those contact pages or forms very simple. When visitors encounter an online form with many boxes to fill out, they simply don’t want to do business with the company. Online marketing encourages contact forms, but with only a few required sections. Name, contact email and basic question boxes are perfect for initial contacts. Any further information can be discovered later on after the company has made their best first impression.

Choose a Font

Companies may want to create an artistic look to their website, but using multiple fonts across even one page turns visitors off. It’s visually disruptive and forces people to stop their page scanning. They may move off the website because of the frustrating visuals. Remain with one or two fonts only while using bold and underlining sparingly.

It’s crucial to hire a website design team that understands online marketing and the particular industry the site serves, such as a San Antonio clothing shop. With knowledgeable people behind the design, customers will visit often and feel comfortable about spending their money with the business in the future.

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