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Why Website Design is the Secret Weapon.

Why Website Design is the Secret Weapon.

website design, online marketingEveryone wants to be seen in the virtual world, making website design a million-dollar business. From a San Antonio barber shop to a Miami art gallery, each website must convey the business’s purpose with an easy-to-follow format. The secret weapon to a growing business is site design by a professional.



What is the Address?

A business automatically loses with their online marketing strategy when the URL address is too complex. Even if a company has a long name, shorten it with acronyms and other clever nicknames. Big businesses maintain this address simplicity because consumers won’t spend precious time typing in a complicated name. A short name stays in the mind and will be recalled the moment a product or service is required.

Rainbow Colors Not Necessary

There are so many website design options today that novice programmers might use too many of them. Use color sparingly for online marketing. There should only be about three to four colors boldly used across the page. Steer clear of black backgrounds that tend to play tricks on the eyes. A white background with images spread across the page is perfect to keep readers’ attention and interest them enough to click on an adjacent page.

Make Website Design and Navigation Simple

Although website designers want to make a unique statement with each page looking entirely different, avoid being too artistic with the page format. People want to visit a site and know instantly that all navigation choices are along the left side, for instance. If certain basic tools, such as the home button, are placed randomly across the page, visitors will eventually click away. Maintain a standard format for the entire site to make users feel comfortable with navigation.

Readability Works

The website doesn’t need to have all the business’s information piled onto one page in a tiny font. Spread out the information and even edit it down while choosing a larger font size. Being able to read the paragraphs on a smartphone, tablet or laptop is reason enough to visit the site regularly.

Online marketing rules may seem to change overnight, but some of the core concepts are still viable across each business quarter. Work with a website design company that has experience working in many industries, along with the IT prowess to sift through all the search engine algorithm updates. With consistent marketing and design, businesses see strong results with each sales report.

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