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Can I Use My Personal Facebook Account For Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing/SEO Yes. You can use any personal social media account for the purposes of social media marketing, but you must go about it in the right way. Amongst posts about how the family is going out for your child’s birthday, and comments on posts from relatives and friends, you will be sticking in snippets about your business. How do you go about doing this successfully in San Antonio? 

1. Make Sure The Account Is Still Clearly Personal

When people are looking through your dash or timeline, they must be able to discern that this is, in fact, your personal page. They will see snippets about your business, and then they will realize that you run a business. This will, in turn, cause them to go try and figure out what your business is all about.

In order to make this easier for them, you must use links to your business’ page so that people reading your dash or timeline can easily get to your business’ page. Without links, no one will go past your personal page and your business will likely get less traffic because it looks like you don’t understand social media marketing.

2. Use SEO-Guided Content

If you’re going to use your personal account to post things about your business, make sure that you are using some kind of SEO style of writing. Fit in some keywords that people would find on the site by searching, use the proper tags so that folks can find you based on what your business is about, but still make sure it sounds personal. You don’t want your personal page to sound like it became your business page.

3. Don’t Confuse SEO and Social Media Marketing 

While you might use some SEO writing techniques on your personal page, nothing on your personal page should sound like it came from a business website unless you are also linking to the site. When you post contests and promotions for your business, make sure you redirect people to your business’ page with a link. There, they will see the real SEO-style writing, and then you have succeeded in guiding customers from your personal page to a business page.

Remember, social media marketing can be a wonderful for your business in San Antonio, but you must always keep a business and a personal page. Your business page is all business while your personal page is mostly personal and a little bit business. This keeps your personable, and it allows for you to direct more people to your business’ website.

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