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5 Tips For Holiday Online Marketing

Online Marketing Tips For The Holidays

Online Marketing in San AntonioOne – Do not try to market to everyone at once.

Even though people in San Antonio are looking to purchase goods and services readily in the holiday season, do not make the mistake of trying to cast an overly wide net. When you mass market in this way, you miss out on the nuances that actually make people choose one business over another. 

Instead of trying to cast a wide net, focus in on the customers who are most likely to purchase from you. You will have a much better return on investment and a higher conversion rate in this way. If you are running PPC advertisements or something similar, you will not have to spend as much to receive the same outcome.

Two – Use online marketing techniques, even if you are marketing to a local San Antonio audience. 

Localization is an often misunderstood segment of search engine optimization. However, it is increasing in importance at every business cycle. Most people find new businesses through online searches rather than by word of mouth or by looking up a business directly. This means that by globalizing your business by using online marketing, you are actually increasing your market share in San Antonio as well.

Three – Make use of new marketing techniques such as QR codes.

You can leverage your current customer base for new customers by using hybrid online/off-line marketing techniques such as QR codes and location-based coupons. These techniques allow you to tap into your current customer base rather than having to find new customers from scratch to grow your business.

Four – Offer your best sales in real time.

Using instantaneous social networking options such as Twitter, you can meet your customer at his or her point of engagement. If you market yourself in a personal way, imbuing your business into the personal lives of your customers, they will be much more likely to see you as a part of their life rather than a business that is trying to sell them something.

Five – Put your best foot forward in your online marketing campaign, especially in the mobile environment.

Many holiday customers will be looking to make very quick purchases on the spur of the moment. This means they will be trying to find your business on their smartphones and tablets. When they access your website on these mobile devices, they are much more likely to make a quick purchase if your online marketing techniques are sound. You do not have to hard-sell them – simply give them what they need immediately. Your loss leader should go on the first screen of your landing page and your coupons should be there as well.

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