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6 Important SEO Google San Antonio Trends For 2021

The importance of SEO in today’s modern business landscape is undeniable. Competition is heavy and only getting more intense. Digital marketing and web presence is more vital now than everSEO Google San Antonio before, and the market shift brought on by the pandemic only accelerated this digital boom.

For your brand to stay relevant and drive growth, SEO Google San Antonio businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. It is also important to understand the current state of SEO and understand the patterns and paths it took to get here. Stats are important and give great tools to work with, but knowing what to plan with those tools is just as crucial. Google is clearly the big dog in the yard, accounting for over 70% of all web searches. San Antonio SEO trends are constantly evolving. Here are a few coming trends to keep an eye on in 2021 and to consider acting on. 

Exciting, High Quality Content, Regularly Updated Is Key

This may seem like a no brainer, but regular updates with fresh engaging content is a big deal for SEO Google San Antonio algorithms. Value based content that provides information or encourages an interaction is a fundamental that shouldn’t be ignored, or have its corners cut. 

Video Is A Powerful Tool

The numbers for video engagement online are impressive and growing every year. In 2018 surveys showed that 85% of internet users in the U.S. watch video online on one or more devices. Current research shows that video consumption had dramatically increased during the pandemic. Now is the time to focus on video growth. 

Optimize SEO Google San Antonio For Voice Search

Digital assistants have really started to gain a foothold. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have greatly influenced how people search. Voice command search functions are increasing in popularity and will continue to through 2021 and beyond. Optimizing long tail keywords to reflect spoken questions will be an important trend to stay on top of. 

Mobile Is The Future

It shouldn’t be a surprise that mobile needs to be a huge priority in 2021. Over the last few years, mobile has taken over and these devices now more widely used for internet functions than PCs. The Google Mobile-Friendly Tool can help you evaluate the mobile accessibility of your site. With the benefit of a responsive coding approach your site can seamlessly adapt to different devices. Content sizes and delivery networks will play a big role in keeping your mobile user experience fast and reliable. Mobile is still becoming more popular year after year, so make sure your webpages are well prepared. 

Customers Demand High Quality User Experience

Fast loading times, intuitive design, and efficient navigation have always been important, but in 2021, competition is so fierce that user experience is more vital than ever. Any boost in user comfort, ease of navigation, or streamlining information delivery, could be what you need to stand above your competition. 

Artificial Intelligence Is Here And There Is Much More To Come

Google algorithms have begun incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning elements. The BERT algorithm update has done a lot for San Antonio SEO. This update helps google to understand language use more fluently and with more nuance. It also aids in pattern assessment and is starting to curve the usage of keyword stuffing. 

Search algorithms are becoming more intelligent and as AI developments increase, SEO Google San Antonio trends will continue to evolve. 

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