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Already Have a Website? Don’t Rule Out Web Development

Already Have a Website? Don’t Rule Out Web Development

web development, seo servicesAfter starting a website using a San Antonio SEO services company, a business might think they’re done with web development. However, this platform is constantly changing as new sites pop up each day to change the rankings. If a company has a website, they’re ahead of the game if they incorporate smart marketing and design tools. One misplaced element on a page could quickly turn customers away from a site and into the arms of a competitor. Use those valuable SEO services to pinpoint issues on the website before rankings truly plummet.

Looking for Layout Mistakes

It’s easy to get complacent about a website accessed nearly every day. Using a professional to look at the site with an unbiased eye is a clever strategy to pinpoint layout mistakes and improve web development. The overall website shouldn’t be cluttered or stacked with small print. Remove those frustrating pop-up ads as well. Customers are wary of websites with too much to offer on one URL.

Long or Short Page?

Website visitors are more inclined to remain on a page that doesn’t have to be clicked away from to read a small article. Long pages are easy to scroll down and find all pertinent information, for instance. Keyword integration is also possible without appearing unusual during reading. Short pages, however, are better suited for mobile device access. Web developers can gauge the benefits of both page types to create a site that works for all visitors.

Web Development and Human Factors

Website layout and design has to be based on human habits. Clicking on various links off one page is time consuming, encouraging the visitor to find another site to use. Locate all FAQ and contact information pages in simple areas, for example, so visitors can find them quickly.

Words and Color Make a Difference

Don’t use bold colors for calls to action, but reserve them for headlines only. Strong site layout should persuade a visitor to buy a product or service, so use calm colors for any sales areas. Blue, in particular, works well for possible sales when clicking on a link.

A well-qualified web development company has many years of experience working in the virtual world. Take a look at their clients’ websites for a work example. If that site looks spectacular, it’s time to harness those professional SEO services. A strong website only leads to more exposure and possible future sales.

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