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4th Consecutive SA Lunch & Learn

4th Consecutive SA Lunch & Learn for Business Owners Set For May 21st




If – like many small business owners, marketers and sales people – you are looking for ways to grow your business, you need to put May 21st 2014 on your networking calendar. That is the date the 4th consecutive “Lunch & Learn Workshop on Full Pipeline Marketing” is set to commence!

Digital Marketing Networking

This is the most cutting edge marketing training for small to medium sizes businesses out there. This is not an online class, but a class for online & offline marketing. The location for this powerful event is SEO of San Antonio’s executive office located in “The Pyramid Building” at 281 & 410 in San Antonio. This is a small, exclusive gathering of local business people gaining valuable marketing knowledge about a dramatic paradigm shift in the buying cycle – and marketing ideas to deal with it. Attendees must pre-register at and can bring a guest if seats are still available. Networking & interaction is another benefit of the event that is scheduled for 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM. The presentation, by Bert McClure of SEO of San Antonio deals with a complete approach to digital marketing including ways to improve brand awareness, increase lead generation, market penetration & customer loyalty. The content of this seminar was co-developed by SEO San Antonio & Blue Tape, a digital and database marketing service provider based here in San Antonio. The Lunch portion of the seminar will be provided by Julian’s New York Style Pizza located at 13-4-4-4 West Avenue at Embassy Oaks…just off of Bitters.

Brainstorming Power

These Lunch & Learns are known as “monthly master mind sessions” between business people. They have been growing in popularity due to the high value provided to attendees. One of the previous attendees & accomplished author, Helene Segura, also known as the “The Inefficiency AssassinTM” commented, “It was definitely worth it to take time out of my day to attend Bert McClure’s marketing strategies presentation. I received affirmation about what I was doing right, plus I walked away with some important tips that I could easily implement that same day!”

Define Your Strategy

A portion of the Lunch & Learn will explain how business owners can stand out among their competition and increase their slice of the market. Then a crucial paradigm shift from the old to the new buying cycle will be dissected so a business can better define targets and ways to position themselves with their most profitable customer base. Then finally, business owners learn how to implement a “Full Pipeline Marketing” plan they can start to put into action immediately.

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