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What Is Your “Why”?

This month we decided to change the focus from the usual technical marketing tips and talk about something conceptual that each one of you can apply to your business.  The topic is going to be based on something inspirational, which is far more powerful than any SEO marketing technique we can give you.

As a business owner, we are all selling our products and services to someone.  Unfortunately, most of us use the standard method of trying to convince someone to purchase something from us;  this process generally goes in a certain order:

1. What is beneficial about our products and services?  These are the analytical reasons or statistics & benefits of using your product or service.

2. How we do it, provide it, or make it?  Through experience, innovation, etc.

3. Why we do what we do?  What drives us other than money.


This process can and does generate us some success, but if you look at the great innovators of our country, like Apple, the Wright Brothers and Martin Luther King, you will notice something different.  Their process is in reverse order of what most of us do:

  • Why
  • How
  • What

The Why of what we do is actually far more inspirational than the WHAT and HOW we do things in regards to motivating others.  There is an actual scientific reason that triggers certain parts of the brain to take action when you start with WHY you do what you do.

Simon Sinek is an author of the book Start With Why and a regular writer for several major publications and teaches a graduate level class in strategic communications at Columbia University.  We are handing you a priceless video where Simon explains how you can harness a much more powerful process and apply it to your business to achieve unbelievable results.  So sit back, relax and enjoy this multi–million dollar proven idea by clicking on the video link below.

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