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Business Listings and Reputation from the Mobile Perspective

Business Listings and Reputation from the Mobile Perspective


business listings, reputation managementBusiness success goes much further than just the basic website today and marketing companies are well aware of this. Millions of customers each day will surf the Internet for a particular product or location, and they’ll expect to find it within seconds. At least 50% of these people will be on a mobile device while looking for this information. That’s why business listings for San Antonio companies are critical when it comes to the mobile user.

Simplifying the Process

Businesses need to look at mobile users with a different perspective than before. When the Internet was in its infancy, everyone dialed up and accessed basic websites. Currently, there’s a mixture of everyday sites with mobile additions. Users don’t need every tiny detail about a company when they access a site via a mobile device but they do need information they are searching for. Mobile sites should display the most important details about that business. Contact information, hours of operation, menus and inventory are a few examples of what would work on a mobile site. These items will vary based on the business’s industry, and all of them should be immediate needs by the mobile user.

Embedded Contact Information

Local business listings are critical to your business  because one of the newest features of mobile sites today is integrated contact information. Consumers can’t be expected to write a phone number or email address down in today’s fast-paced world. The mobile site should have  a directory listing with the company’s phone number, email address and physical location highlighted so that users can immediately click on them. This clicking action should take the person to an immediate phone call, Internet map or other functional area. As a result, the user is instantly connected to the company.

Connecting Review Data

Consumers today are as well versed as they’ll ever be with information at their fingertips. Most people will research a company before doing business with it and are more likely to do business with companies with great reputations.  Make this process as easy as possible by connecting reviews to the mobile component. These reviews should be a mixture of opinions so that the visitor has a well-rounded view of the business score based on the customer experience. This feature is part of a company’s reputation marketing that allows it to grow and improve with the help of everyday consumers. When a company offers unbiased reviews from its mobile site, the business has a feeling of transparency with the consumer.

Business Listings and Reputation Matters

Reputation marketing is one of the most critical factors that drives a company’s success. If businesses see any negative reviews that connect to the mobile user, the company has a right to respond. Businesses that respond in a respectful and professional manner are often perceived as well connected to their customers. Although the review may be negative, working out a resolution so that everyone sees the results is deemed admirable in almost any industry. Continue to improve the company’s reputation with helpful responses to any questions or concerns through the mobile site.

Keeping Up With the Times

Continually check the mobile site for any outdated information. Any data that’s old or obsolete will be noticed by the average consumer. This is especially true when it comes to restaurant menus, new locations of a business or changes in hours of operation. Keeping up with the times also includes social-media aspects. Join one or two different social sites so that the business has even more visibility from a mobile perspective.

Contacting a professional agency for business listings and reputation marketing in the San Antonio area is a smart step toward better mobile visibility. The mobile world is much more cohesive and simplistic than the standard website because consumers simply want the basics about a company while they are mobile. From using smartphones to tablets, consumers rely on mobile friendliness for their day-to-day routines.

For more information about business listings and how the age of mobile affects your company’s foot traffic if you are not visible on the web in San Antonio visit,

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