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Website Design and Its Expanding Features

Website Design and Its Expanding Features

website designWeb development is the single most important thing that an owner can do for a growing business. A business will build a website, then consumers use that website to gauge the business for the quality of a product or service. If the site doesn’t look professional enough, consumers will move onto another company. Creating a website is much more involved today than just using a free website builder, however. Consider the expanding features of basic website design so that businesses can integrate these changes today.



Starting with a Mood Board

During the infancy of web development, professionals created a final layout for a client after a thorough interview of the top executives. Today’s approach is much more refined from an artistic perspective. Designers will often create mood boards, which are collages of visuals and text that might be incorporated into the website. Companies may look at these visual brainstorms, and they can decide for themselves if one or two of the concepts match their business. The chosen concept might be slightly altered so that it can be applied to both online and traditional marketing outlets afterward.

The Mobile Component

A website might have an extremely intricate design, but accessing it from a mobile device is difficult. Companies must expand their design concepts to mobile applications because most people will use tablets and smartphones to look up a particular business. The mobile section must be simplistic by nature with only the basics about the company in easy-to-read sections. Daily hours, mission statements and current specials are often all that’s needed for a mobile site to please visiting customers.

Social-Media Profiles

Being connected through social media requires more than just a few posts each day. There’s actual design within the profiles, from the background color to associated text. Designers should always be involved with a social-media presence so that the site and social connections are cohesive in nature. Consumers will always know that they’re accessing the company’s official social-media account or website with a solid design behind the scenes. Businesses are reaching more people by way of social media, which makes this feature a crucial one.

Associated Blog Sites

Search engines continue to rule the online world. When a company is well connected within the Internet world, the website will show up higher in the rankings. Linking out to associated sites is critical to marketing success. Website design and its current expansion can include linking to related blogs. Perform some research on various blogs that help the company’s industry in particular. These blogs might be how-to, lists or other informational posts. Link or post the blogs with permission so that everyone has more visibility on the Internet.

Creating Guests Within the Website Design

Every website has an underlying voice that’s obvious to each visitor. Although continuity across the site is usually welcome, businesses don’t want to create a monotonous appearance either. An expanding feature of site design is guest chats or live visuals. A correspondent might “report” from a live location by using their social-media account. This live video stream usually interests many people, and they react by visiting the site at the designated time. As a result, they might stumble upon a product or service that’s new to the site. A pending sale is always possible with interest in a site for reasons other than traditional shopping purposes.

An intelligent designer will pay careful attention to colors, font and SEO practices with each update of a site. If these items aren’t being considered, a company should look for another web development business that keeps up with the trending issues of today. From Los Angeles to San Antonio, successful businesses thrive on a stellar website design.

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