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Making Business Directories Work For a Growing Company

Making Business Directories Work For a Growing Company

business directoriesGaining and sustaining new clients in a growing business takes some initiative on the part of owners, especially when it comes to an online presence. In some cases, a company hasn’t arrived in the industry unless it has a solid website and popular social-media sites. Examine the factors involved when a company wants to create consistent business directories for their San Antonio business that will increase client or customer growth. Visibility is only possible when the directory listings are accurate and consistent and exist on all major or niche sites where you can be found by the public. There are SEO sompanies that provide SEO packages for small business that will include this option of marketing.


Optimize the Geographical Area

One of the most basic ways that directories can be optimized is through geographical additions. Companies should work with their affordable SEO professionals regarding city, county or even neighborhood descriptions. Don’t just focus on the main city that a company is physically located in either. Select surrounding cities or towns that are constantly being visited or supported by the company. As more searches are performed online, the business will pop up more often because local queries will almost always be listed first. Digital marketing professionals will carefully integrate service location information into the directory listing so the business information will appear based on the location of the computer or smart phone being used to find a certain service or business.

Examine Customer Reviews

Most directory listing sites allow you to write a review for the company based on your experience with that business.  These reviews are important when searching for a company based on the services you are looking for and will help you determine the reputation and whether you would choose that particular business for your needs. For example, a company with many reviews that are high ranking would indicate this is a reputable company that you would consider doing business with. Businesses with few or no reviews, or even low ranking reviews may make you re-think your decision to use this company. A company will link their website to the directory within the listing which easily allows you to click and view information about the company. When valid links connect the directory to that website, the listings become even more valuable and useful to visitors.

Keep Information Current  on all Business Directories

Affordable SEO services will always keep up with current information. In most cases, the business directory listing will be scanned and verified several times each year so that any old information is quickly corrected. Addresses, phone numbers and contact names must be changed as necessary on the directory. If the information isn’t updated, potential customers may move on to the next company simply out of confusion of where you are located.  Active directories with constant updates mean that the information is useful to a larger, customer base. These directories will be more popular, and they’ll drive extra traffic to the listings as a result.

Use SEO as a Guideline in Biographies

Business directories may allow biography information linked to the listing. These biographies include mission statements, company goals and other descriptive text. Although it’s a short biography, digital marketing practices dictate that SEO should be used in these situations. Keywords and phrases will strengthen the directory’s ability to drive traffic to the company’s information. Update the SEO information as soon as it is necessary based on changes within your business. This will help with increasing website visibility based on keyword searches.

Most companies don’t have the manpower to cover their online presence with quality enhancements. It’s important to hire a company that provides affordable SEO for small businesses that can concentrate on the particulars surrounding search-engine rankings and other features. With the proper management, a company’s website and popularity can soar among business directories.

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