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Get a Handle on Negative Online Reviews

Readers of Review sites usually will make a decision after having read 10 reviews. On top of that 70% of people will trust a business having between 6-10 reviews. Have a bad review? Did you know that the Better Business Bureau has a resolution process so that business owners and disgruntled customers can help come to a compromise? Even with the BBB on your side, there still can be unsatisfied customers that will post negative reviews. Even if they do not have the story straight and facts lined up.

What do you do when this happens? Like any problem solving tactic- First things first. You need to come up with a strategy or plan for addressing negative reviews. This ensures that you maintain a good customer service reputation and upholds your business identity in a positive light. So, if this has happens to you, Consider these 5 tips:  

One.  Contact the Review Site. The truth is, it can be difficult to get a negative review off of a site. But don’t lose hope, if that review contains information that is factually incorrect. You have a good shot at getting it removed. Often times, reviews can be posted by your business competitors. Usually sites can tell, and will take them down if you ask. So give it a shot.

 Two. Consider Addressing the Review Publicly. It is a two way street in the world, you have your side of the story and should share it. We advise to include the facts only. Trust us on this one.  Also, you need to emphasize the positives about your business. Remind people about all the good you have to offer.  

Three. Contact the customer and encourage them to take the review down. People can be reasonable if you offer to talk it out in private. Make the request politely and do not appear to dodge out the problem the customer felt they had. If you are able to work something out, often people will go back and change their review to something positive.  

Four. Know when to leave the conversation. Know that some customers will never be satisfied no matter what you would be willing to do for them. If that is the case, simply site that you work hard and are dedicated to making your business the best it can be for your customers and leave the conversation.  

Five. Encourage customers to leave positive feedback. Often review sites have are full of negative reviews. To make things appear more balanced, tell your customers to leave a positive comment. Make it easy for them, have a station set up or a form available they can do while they wait for your services.

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