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Top 10 Website Design Trends

Website Design Affects Your SEO

Website Design in San AntonioWhen you are looking for a new website design in San Antonio, it is important that you look beyond what may be the prettiest design that you find. While an attractive site with lots of bells and whistles may seem like the way to go, if the site isn’t designed properly for SEO (search engine optimization), then the site will essentially be useless for you. 

Why Your Website Design Is So Important

Never before has a website been so important to a business. People use the Internet now to find a business, and if your business isn’t at or near the top, then you are losing out on a ton of new business. Advertising in the Yellow Pages simply isn’t an effective measure anymore, as usage of the phone book has been reported to be around five or six percent. Even worse, in areas where people have to opt-in, or request a phone book, only three percent of the area actually asked for a book. So, as a business, if you are relying on the phone book for traffic, you need to start branching out your efforts and get online.

Ads in the Yellow Pages are expensive, and if you shifted that money from there to a website design in San Antonio, you would start to see an almost immediate return. That is especially true if the designer that you work with knows what they are doing in regards to getting your company to rank near the top of Google, which is where the term SEO comes in to play. The designer will consult with you on what keywords that best describe your business, so that when people in your local area search for a business with that keyword, your business will be at or near the top.

Businesses are also still using newspaper, and while people do read the newspaper, it is a dying business like the phone book. Only 28 percent of people would actually miss having a local paper according to a Gallup survey, but people would still like to receive the local news online. While online newspapers are staying alive, buying ads in the print version is almost like a waste of money. Online, you can optimize your website so that only people searching for a certain term will find your site. You are basically paying for targeted customers, unlike a newspaper, where you are paying for every reader of that paper.

Ultimately, you need to be visible in order to make money for your business. That is why a proper website design in San Antonio is important to getting your business to the top of the search engines. The right designer will work with you from the start to make sure that you are only getting targeted visitors to your site, and they will make sure that your business is able to be found when searched for in your local area.

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