About Us SEO of San Antonio
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[grve_title title=”SEO San Antonio is a digital marketing agency located in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) services, search marketing, custom website design and development, webmercial marketing and reputation management.” heading=”h5″ align=”center”]
[grve_media_box title=”Skip Kinzel” image=”3448″]SEO San Antonio Co-founder, Skip Kinzel, began interactive design in 1994 while working as a Systems Manager for research and development with Xerox and during his spare time owning and growing one of the first ISPs in San Antonio. Currently, Skip combines 17 years of web programming and digital marketing experience (ASP, HTML, SQL, SEO, ActionScript, Javascript, PHP, CSS, Image Editing, Branding, CMS) to form the cornerstone of SEO San Antonio, offering technical and creative ability to deliver world class internet marketing campaigns along with the assurance that we’ll be here, growing with our clients[/grve_media_box][grve_media_box title=”Bert McClure” image=”3667″]SEO San Antonio Co-founder, Bert McClure, has 5 years of “hands on” internet marketing and local search engine optimization experience. Bert has also executed numerous internet marketing training webinars to the public. He specializes in cutting edge webmercial marketing that will attract customers and get the exact message the client wants to the public eye. With over 14 years of customer service experience, Bert understands the client’s needs and designs effective marketing plans for any budget and industry niche.[/grve_media_box]
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